Your patience is seductive,
a sedative for my insecurities
and doubts - a sweet salve
for my reservations.

You question me with care,
encouraging without judgement,
knowing just where my limits are,
pushing me just to their edge.

My feet slip on the edge
of the sword, but your hands
catch me and bandage my
cuts with softness and care.

Your patience is like a thick fog,
enveloping my fear and hiding
the things that cause it -
blanketing my landscape.

And is also the sun,
splitting the darkness and
extracting the sleeping jealousy
lingering under the bed.

Kiss my mind slowly,
sealing it in to memory,
so that I may not forget
the passion with which is rendered.

Your patience is a gift,
unwrapped and offered
without need of acceptance.
It simply all its simplicity
and necessity...