Little Moments

During the week, when you work, I take what time I can get.

Early this morning, snuggled next to you on the couch, drinking coffee while you drank wine, I inhaled the scent of you and found myself feeling grounded and secure...and horny.  So when you brought up the idea of sex, I was instantly sold...and almost as instantly naked - and waiting in the bed.

I cuddled up next to you, stroking your cock, sucking it...your hands on the back of my head, pushing yourself into the back of my throat with control thrusts.

I love it when you do that:  own my body with sureness and strength, without being forceful or hurtful.  You have a knack for that.  Knowing just how far to go.

Later this afternoon, when you stumbled out to sit on the couch again...this time with a cup of coffee...I could still smell sex on your skin.

When you left, clean shaven and smelling of cologne, I wanted to rip off your uniform and have you right there on the kitchen floor.

But...there was not enough time for that.

And so I kissed you.

And I wrote my FFF post, I thought of you.  Though our wedding wasn't like this...our mental relationship is - in so many ways.  I lean on you.  I rely on you for guidance and support.  You are what, often, keeps me standing.  And you also have the power to take it all away.  It's the knowledge that you won't that provides the trust and sureness that I require in a marriage.

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