I want to grow up to be June Cleaver

So last night when I texted (I hate that word...I never know if I should leave it as a root or add on an "ed") you "What do you want for dinner?" and you replied "Doesn't matter, I am just trying to finish up here.  I am hungry though..." something clicked.  It doesn't always.  I was in the middle of some work, and I didn't really want to get up and cook anything.  So, I considered my quickest easiest options, none of which sounded good, and though you would have expected that I take the easy way out (since I hate cooking and leave it to you whenever I can), I knew you would be disappointed to see chicken nuggets and tater tots on the table when you got home.

I think I channeled June Cleaver for a moment because I closed my computer - mid-sentence in an email I was composing - and said to myself, "He's tired.  He's had to work overtime.  It's going to be 7 or 8 when he gets home.  He'll be hungry.  He deserves something better."

So, I hauled ass and got started on a lasagna.  Set the table with some simply candles.  Changed into a sexy nighty.  Shaved my pussy.  Poured you a glass of wine.  And waited.

I watched for you out the window...and when I saw you roll up...I ran and pulled dinner out of the oven and met you at the door.

Your smile was priceless.  And even without the spoken appreciation or praise you provided me later, that smile is what I did it for.

I know I don't do things like that very often...and that I should probably do them more (especially since the reward is so good...duh!).

Now I know why June did it.  Partially - because it was expected.  But, Ward's smile when he walked into a clean house (that she created), comfortable environment (that she was responsible for), with dinner ready (which she made), and a relaxing evening to look forward to (which she provided) had to have been the best paycheck ever.

Oh, I know.  It gets tiring taking care of everything in a house - and housewives (which I am not and do not plan to be) get fed up and bored with their routine.  They are usually overworked and under-appreciated and receive no monetary reward for their efforts (unless it's an allowance).

But, playing housewife on occasion is a must.  I do take care of most of the household stuff - gladly, because it makes me feel in control of something, and makes me feel good and productive to create a comfortable space for us all to live in.  I do it for the family, but it's also self-serving...so it doesn't completely count as service.

Last night.  That's the stuff that does count.  Because it was completely for you.  And while I loved the smile - I didn't expect it. And though I loved the praise and appreciation - I didn't expect it.  I did it because I knew you needed it.  I found a need and fill it without being asked.

So very unlike me.  But, I think I'll do it more often.