From Sir with Love

My Dearest Brigit,

Tonight we are separated by many miles, but I think of you often as I stand my watch.  I remember how you looked this morning as you lay naked in our bed, and how you looked as I took you before leaving its warm comfort.  I very much enjoyed laying next to you, feeling you pressed against me while I kissed your breasts and lazily stroked your cleft.  I was touching you with no regard for time or what was beyond our chamber door.  The world tends to melt away when you are laid bare before me.  My fingers never went as far as to spoil the moment; they stroked your softest skin, with the intent only to touch, not to enter.

But as I have lamented, this evening I am away and I still see your naked flesh behind my eyelids when I close them; your breasts full and bouncing with every thrust, your smooth and flawless thighs to my left and right.

It will be tomorrow, sometime before dawn, until I can leave my post and return to your embrace; when I do return, I will no longer need to close my eyes in order to see.

With all my Love and Want,
Your Sir