My most cherished time with you surrounds the hours of sleep, before we close our eyes on the night, and after we first open them to a new day.  Those moments when we lay nestled in the presence of greatest intimacy, the moonlight or sun's rays playing across the bed, writing on the naked canvas of our entwined limbs.

My skin tingles when you invite me to stretch out, face down, and allow you to massage my back or tease my flesh to goosebumps with a red feather we keep for the purpose.  Just your fingers have the same effect, grazing my nipples, calling them to instant attention, erect like eager soldiers ready to your command.  It usually makes me giggle--my breasts are so sensitive, they can hardly stand the continued attention; however, there is no denying that a line is directly connected from my left nipple to my clitoris.  I feel the vibration slowly travel from one point to the other, bringing it to life so that it may join its sisters in salute to your touch.

It never ceases to amaze me how much control you have over my body, how easily I am affected.  It isn't so with everyone.  Some men kiss my neck, take my earlobe between their teeth, caress my breasts...and, while it may be nice, I do not feel the instant heat bloom from my cheeks and send roots to my chest,causing a blush to rise to the surface of the skin.  My breath quickens, with just your breath upon my neck.

Power.  You have more power over my body's reactions than do I.  Sometimes that frightens me, but mostly it simply strengthens my passion and solidifies the bond between us...a bond with is overtly physical, mental, and emotional all at once...

Tonight, as always, you image is burned into my thoughts and continually flickers there, like a candle splaying shadows on the wall.  A beacon of warmth and protection.  You, or at least the thought of you, casts a warm glow over the evening's activity.  This home, like my body, is infused with your presence.

With safety and speed, make your way to our door.  You will find me exactly as you expect...sleeping, naked, and expectant with wetness.

Do forgive me, if I must fulfill my own needs before you arrive; it does not mean that I will be satiated.  You, my love, are the only one that provides me complete release, the only one who causes my body to send forth a great wash of lust to drench the bed beneath our writhing forms.

I ramble on...so I will say goodnight for now.

Forever yours in body and soul,
Your loving (and lustful) Brigit