There never seems to be enough of it.  You wrote to me, and I have yet to respond.  Not because I know not what to say or care not, because, trust my words as written in stone...I want nothing more than to nurture our correspondence and continue our written dialogue.

Life so often gets in the way of my thoughts.  Not to minimize our life or circumstances, which are a blessing; it is what we have chosen and created, and though it may sometimes dip into the mundane--dragging our existence to complacency, we are usually quick to encourage it back to the surface of proactive improvement and rigorous maintenance.  So many obligations, so little time to accomplish our burgeoning list of tasks and necessities.

I try hard not to lose sight of us at these times.

Do know, that I think of you always.  Even when my mind is drifting on a great ocean of tasks and expectations...I see you as the constellations that guide my way to safety.  I have but to sit still, breathe, and look up to know that you have set my course and will bring me home. So, even though, emotionally, mentally, physically...even, I may wander...I am never lost.

Ever faithful in heart and soul,

P.S. I should have more time to write soon, as things begin to settle.  Be patient, love. My response is formulating in my mind, and will come to life in words, as soon as time and energy permits.  Tomorrow?  I will hope.