When I slipped back into bed, even asleep, your body responded - moving toward me, your arms wrapping around me like a ribbon, your hands clasped at my waist like a knot, tightening, as if to force the very soul of my being into my throat for proper viewing.

My flesh melted into yours, and I felt a wave of warmth travel from my face to my toes.

Your strength and protection, even in sleep, is seductively addictive.  My mind and skin pine for it, even when you are gone...like now.

All day, periodically, I will remember the heat of your chest against my back...and how you fit so perfectly into the curve of my back and the swell of my round bottom, our legs bent, intertwined.

There are times, most times, when we are definitively two separate beings...with needs and desires and interests of our own...but at night, our sleeping forms become one, if only briefly, and I find the greatest release and contentment.


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