Your eyes, direct - pupils dilated with intent, looking into me so deeply that my mind loses all other lines of thought.

"Do you want me to lick your pussy?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Sir...please..."

Your voice, calm, deep, and commanding - "Put your hands behind your knees."

Your mouth - heat on the tenderest parts of me, pink and slick with desire.  You suck, gently, but with growing intensity, until you know I am right on the edge of a clitoral orgasm...best to bring in the entire orchestra of my body...

Your finger slides just around the rim of my opening, teasing, as you lick my lips to the point of swelling.  What was pink, grows red with need.  One finger...then two...slowly entering at first, until I begin to squirm and moan and beg for release.

You want to see me cum.  You want to see me soak the sheets, soak your hands and your face.  You want to taste the rushing release.  And I have tried...tried to fulfill your command.

"What do you want?"  Your words are heavier now - it's a demand, not a question, really.  You want to hear me say it...

"I want your cock....inside me....please...Sir..."

You begin to tell me what you expect.  "Then show me how much you want it.  Tell me.  Show me with your mouth, your arms, your legs...grab me like you mean it."

And I do.  I clutch your entire body with my entire body, as you plunge into me, and my body lets loose a rush of liquid to punctuate my instant orgasm.

"You like cock don't you?"

"Yes, Sir..." It's a whimper...pleading...

"My dirty, little slut..."

At least a dozen orgasms later, you roll over and command me to get on top of you.

"Do you want me to cum?"

"Yes, Sir."  I want nothing more...I need to see the release on your face to know that I have fulfilled you.

Slowly at first, gliding from the tip of your cock, grinding into your balls, and repeating...the intensity gathers at the point at which our bodies connect.  My thighs burn and our skin is slick, dripping with sweat.

You tell me to stop.

"It isn't going to happen."

My face falls.  My body collapses as you pull me to you.  I am disappointed.


It isn't a challenge, or a demand...but a promise.  And you always keep your promises.

As I shall always keep mine...
Your loving and lustful,