La Petite Mort

I found myself today, completely and uncharacteristically overwhelmed by an onslaught of sultry thoughts of you during my lunch break.  I was on my own, at my desk, tinkering at a project, when, out of nowhere, remembrance of last night pilfered my attention and, momentarily, took my entire body hostage.

It was an otherworldly feeling, like I was transported back to the moment...lying beneath your weight, your face steely and concentrated, your eyes forcing mine to stay aligned with yours, which simply increased the intensity.  Your throaty, nearly grunted warning that you were about to come cued my body to react like an extension of yours, holding my legs around you, rigid, joined as if I would never disconnect.  Every muscle in my body, every vein contracted as you exploded into me, so much that it immediately began to spill out onto the sheets, drenching my thighs and sending shivers like aftershocks spasming through my limbs and abdomen.

There are maintenance orgasms, great orgasms, and some that are nearly spiritual...the little death - killing me softly, allowing a rebirth and a sleep so deep I could have ignored the apocalypse.