Assignment:  "You said last night that you like it when I spank you.  Why?"

When we first started down this path...a swat on the butt was okay.  A full on spanking was acceptable, but my pain tolerance is rather low, so that was about all I could handle.  And that wasn't all that long ago.  In fact, the first time you used a wooden spoon on my I cried...which isn't at all what either of us are looking for.

But recently, within in just the past few weeks, I've been able to tolerate more.  And something I am noticing is this:  when you smack my ass, I automatically tense up...I clench.  But, once you have spanked me a few times, I start to expect it - I know what it is going to feel like, and I relax.  But, still, with every impact, my pussy clenches.  And when it does, my clit twitches.  The more that happens...the more you spank...the harder...the more I clench, the more I twitch.

It actually has started to make me wet.  A very interesting development indeed.

Of course, on top of all that, is the fact that it just makes me hot to have you in such control of my body.