I've given you a list of my needs...to feel safe/protected, to feel wanted/approved of, to be loved/cherished, to be led/guided, to have consistent and clear expectations with appropriate and fair rewards and consequences, to have goals...

But you've asked what I want.  Maybe this would be in the category of reward?  I will assume so...

And since I found a program (iRewards Chart) to track my good behavior, chores, and responsibilities (I like that I get gold stars each time I complete or add to a task for the week, and since that program is "rewards-based", I have to think of items/activities I can earn - things I would want to have or do as a result of my continued good behavior.

So here are a few...

1) back/foot massages
2) pedicure/manicure
3) date nights (movies, dinner out, dancing...)
4) books
5) scrapbooking items
6) clothes/shoes/accessories
7) shopping trips
8) nights off of chores or certain responsibilities
9) make-up items
10) jewelry

I'm not sure if that is where you wanted me to go with this prompt.  So, if you are looking for something different, let me know...I might need more guidance.