"Cum Dumpster"

Honestly, I revel in the opportunity to fulfill your sexual needs...even when it means simply bending over the bed until you come.

Today, it was "no frills", down-to-business.  The request came:  "Do you wanna be my cum dumpster real quick before I get in the shower?"

It was a welcome break from working on my project.

"Sure!"  And I was up and out of my chair, heading to the bedroom.

"Put some lube on..."  You directed - which I did.

And then I bent over the bed; you lifted up my dress and entered me.

It didn't take long - you were obviously ready for it before you even brought up the idea.

When you came...a blissful smile took over my lips.

You pulled out, kissed me, and headed to the shower.  I went back to my project.  But, it's been with me all day.  Those stolen little moments in the middle of the afternoon.

They're precious and appreciated.