You Belong to Me

Not everyone is lucky enough to have the kind of relationship we have.  As open and honest.  To the point of raw brutality.  Tears.  The cathartic kind that leads to real growth over time.

I know people who've been married dozens of years who haven't achieved half of what we have over the past eight.

When you grow and learn as much as we have together and about each other (and ourselves), setting down roots into the ground, creating a stable foundation that can weather most any storm, the trunk thickens, collecting rings of age that tell a story.  The branches might break from time to time.  The leaves might fall, but as long as the trunk remains strong, the rest will come back.

Our roots are deep - and will continue to seek the core of the earth.  Our trunk, while strong and thick, may rival the ancient redwoods someday.

I really have you to thank for the growth...since my fear and loathing of change has a tendency to lead to complacency, stagnation, depression, and then "crazy".  You keep me sane...and take me places I'd never dream of going on my own.  You push me, challenge me, and make me a better person.  But, you also accept me as I am, with all my faults.
Who knew just how fitting this song would be when we picked it?