Rewards...part two

Well, Daddy...

I got the internet/blogger ADD tonight and completely refurbished this part of my site.  It wasn't an avoidance tactic...I know I have a responsibility to respond to your request for a list a ways I might reward you for being such a good Daddy.  And it certainly wasn't because I couldn't sleep - on the contrary, I'm exhausted.

But, today has been one of those days.  I just went from one thing to the other and couldn't sit still.

So, here I's almost midnight - and I still need to explain all (or many) of the ways I think I might be able to reward you.

Of course there is always sucking your cock.  Nice and slow, loving every inch.  But, I always feel that stuff like that "goes without saying".

There are also little gifts I could buy...plain old trinkets and such that show I thought of you that day (for example...this month - a t-shirt I thought you might like...a new pair of flip-flops to replace the ones that broke...).  And of gifts - a pair of sexy panties places strategically somewhere you will find them (not the rear-view mirror of your work vehicle...I don't want you to get fired or anything...).

Maybe a coupon or I.O.U. for some "service" I know you like?  Or a promise to do an activity (sexy or otherwise) that you like to do - even just go out to dinner sans children...or rent a movie and order pizza.

A once a month promise to do something "out of the ordinary" or hook up with another couple.  I'd say another woman could be your reward...but seeing as how that was utterly disastrous the first time we tried that...I am a bit reticent to try that again any time soon (for my sake, as well as yours and hers).

Videos and pics of me sent at "odd" and "unexpected" times of day.

Little notes.

Letters on this blog.

Phone calls for no reason (as this is not my strong know it would be something I'd have to actually think about and do with intent).

This is a just a beginning...but am I on the right track here?  Is this the sort of brainstorm you were considering?

Because I want you to feel like I treasure you above all other men, that I look up to you, adore you, need you, want you, fantasize about you, depend on you, and submit to you with all my heart.

It is strange to me how long it seems since we first took the intentional steps to becoming what we are now.  It's been a short while, but it feels like I've become a a bit different inside because of it.

I find myself letting go a bit more each day.  Stress, insecurity, inhibition.  I feel safe in your hands.  And the deeper my submission goes, the more trust I feel for you...the more I need your strength, and TLC.  I truly have become your princess.  It's a role that feels as natural as breathing, and I am grateful that the world created the opportunity for me to find this path and that it offered me someone like you to lead me down it.

You are my harbor, and I rest in your calm, at the mercy of so many things I cannot control.