You told me take off my clothes, get onto the bed, and present.  I could feel your breath on my thighs, your nose burying itself into my cunt as your lips wrapped around my clit.  You sucked until I squirmed...slipped your finger in to test the wetness and encouraged its release.

You placed a rolled up sleeping mat under my hips to support them and keep my ass in the air, my cunt exposed, back curved, face pressed into the bed.  And then you blindfolded me, wrapped cuffs around my wrists and ankles, and spread my legs wide enough to connect the ropes you had placed there before I got home.

I could hear the ropes rubbing on the wood of the bed frame as you tightened them, clipped my wrists together and pulled them upward above my head.

You told me you were going to fuck me. Which you did.  And the next day, when I told you I liked it, you asked me what made it different than any other time you'd tied me up.

Let me see if I can answer your question:

The night I called you Daddy, yelled it out during sex and accepted my role beneath you...I told you something broke inside of me - not in a bad way...more like a floodgate of insecurity and stress and nerves.  I told you I wanted to let go of some responsibility and leave some things to you.  I told you I wanted you to take control.  

During previous bondage experiments, my insecurities, discomforts, and autonomy prevented me from really enjoying it. took too long.  And it was so damned uncomfortable, I couldn't relax and enjoy it.

This time, I heard in my head, your earlier demand that I lose my inhibitions with you, that I relax and enjoy it.  In my blindness, bound to the bed and unable to resist, I could let my mind go.  I knew I didn't have to do anything to please you other than be as I was.  All I had to do was lay there and accept what you did.  All I had to do was  enjoy it...give myself to it...and come.

You stuck the butt-plug in my ass, and I relaxed completely, taking it in.  You vibrated my clit, stimulated my ass, and all I could do was writhe and moan.  The vulnerability of this might be excruciating if you were anyone else - or if anyone else were present.  But with you, I can let my guard down.  

I like not having the choice...being at the mercy of your desire.  Being pushed to my knees, your cock shoved into my face.  Being bent over the bed, my pants quickly pulled around my ankles, your dick thrust into my completely unprepared cunt.

I like being used...with love and care.  

I don't like being humiliated.  But I do like being your little slut...and the more you show me you like it...the more I like to show it.

Being tied up makes me feel like your little girl...completely under your power...knowing you will do as you wish.  It takes the pressure to perform off of me.

Really, I can say with utter could do anything to me that you wanted to and I would obey.

I'm still learning.  And I still have inhibitions involving others.  I worry about being seen, being caught, being found out.  I don't trust other people...but I do trust you - and I like being the center of your attention - bound to the bed - your power and strength and tenderness turning me to putty in your hands.