How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Things you do that make my knees weak - and keep me entangled in your snare indefinitely:

1. You make direct and lasting eye-contact.
2. You tell me on a daily basis how beautiful you think I am.
3. You use the words "I love you" every day...and mean it.
4. You sneak up behind me at random times and kiss my neck, or my ears, or my shoulders.
5. You hold me close when we go to bed.
6. You listen when I talk.
7. You touch me whenever we are close, rub my feet for no reason, and still give me massages.
8. You care that I'm happy and do little things to prove it (which weigh a lot more in my book than grand gestures).
9. You text me little reminders of how much I mean to you.
10. You always offer your shoulder for support.

There are many couples whose relationships fall apart.  The things that cause the most complaints are that one person (or both) feel that they are not loved, not wanted, not needed, are being taken for granted, and are not being listened to.

You are much more affectionate, both physically and verbally, than I am.  Quite often, I feel guilty about this, though it's really just who I am.  I realize, when I look at this list, that I am really only good at maybe 3 of these items myself.

So, besides saying I suck...I guess I'm really just pointing out that you are an amazing husband - and I'm very lucky to have found you - and manipulated the situation in my favor so I could keep you.  One might say I trapped you.  But, it's hard to trap someone who wants to be caught.  Just sayin'.

We have a wonderful ever-evolving marriage.  You keep me on my toes and never allow complacency to last long.  You force me to face things I'd rather avoid.  You push me to challenge myself.  And you catch me when I fail.  I'd say, I could not love you more.  But, that would be a lie...because I'll love you more tomorrow that I do today.  And even more in 20 years than I could ever imagine loving you yesterday.