Submissive's Prayer

This was one of those days when I just plain didn't have time to complain or miss you.  Too busy playing the role of mom to even get a thought in edgewise.

But now, I'm sitting on the couch, glowing red from the heat of my sunburn, drinking a glass of cool white wine, and wishing you were here to sit on the porch with me and talk about nothing in particular.

Instead...I'm back to my Daily 5 - thinking about you when you're away.

I haven't written about it yet...but I figured I should.  The corrective spankings from the other night.  The real tears they elicited.  The guilt they caused.

You did what you've been charged to do.  What we've agreed that you WILL do.  You gave me those spankings for breaking your rules.  I cried because it hurt.  That's the whole idea, isn't it?  And like a good Daddy - it hurt you more than it hurt me.  You aren't abusive.  You aren't doing anything wrong.

And guess what?  I'm not likely to forget those spankings for awhile.  So, I guess the punishment was successful, right?