Time for Sex?

Or in the morning.  You owe me an orgasm.  I'm going to need one - a good one...to tide me over until Sunday.  The kind of orgasm that makes me feel drunk enough to put up with my family drama for two days...and sleeping in the same bed with a 5 year old who kicks me and has very loud dreams...and traveling for hours with a dog and a kid.

Okay...it won't really be that bad.

But, I'd still like that orgasm.  Pretty please, Daddy?  With a cherry on top?

Here's an idea.  Get this clock.  Follow the directions.  Could be fun.  Just sayin'.

Random P.S.  I love it when I get to see your face as you come.  Makes me feel accomplished.

Random P.P.S.

Which basically means I love every single part of you.  Awwwwww.....