Your masterful tongue...

I really didn't think it was possible, but every fiber of my being wanted so desperately to perform for you.  Your sleepy hands groped my body...intermittently attempting to fuck me and then falling asleep.  It isn't easy to work all night and keep your eyes open once you enter the warmth and comfort of our bed.  I get it...I'm like a teddy bear.  You snuggle in, wrap your arms around me...and just fall asleep.

But after a few days without sex, your body kept waking you up...and then your hands began to travel and your cock pressed up against my ass.

You asked me if it was still broken.  I assumed it was, and told you as much.  But I rolled over and spread my legs to allow your wandering hands greater access.  If nothing else, I could offer myself up for your inspection.

When you woke enough to slip your face between my thighs, I was hopeful, but realistic.  I really didn't think it would work.

But, of course...your tongue is magic.  And within minutes you had me writhing and wet enough to fuck.

When you slipped your cock fully into me, sighed with pleasure, and breathed the words, "Good girl..." into my ear, I was undone.