Please Forgive My Broken Snatch...for She Knows Not What She Does

Well I started a post for you...and somehow it ended up being better suited to the regular site.  The topic is still applicable for tonight's post here, however. 

Even though there is a scientific reason for my broken doesn't make me feel any less guilty for rebuking your advances the last two mornings.

We see too little of each other as it is when you're on shift, so I feel it's my duty to fulfill your needs and desires whenever you ARE home.  And when I can't, when my body and mind won't cooperate, and I see the disappointment and frustration in your's hard not to feel responsible.

Anyhow...this isn't a solution.  Nor is it an excuse.  It is what it is.  And it sucks.  And, thankfully we'll be on the up-cycle soon.  The new moon is on the 8th.  So, if my calculations and assumptions are correct, things should start improving by the 9th.  From what I can tell...and I'll track it better this month...maybe add a gadget to track it in the sidebar...on the waxing moon to full - I'm all kinds of hot and bothered.  On the waning and new moon, my libido is down for the count.  Let's see if we're right.

I know that doesn't make you feel better about the next few days...but by the time you are off shift, home for a few days - our sex life should be getting back on track.  I guess that's pretty good timing, huh?