I am not quite sure how I got so lucky...other than - it wasn't really luck.  I knew what I was looking for - and instantly, when I saw you - those calm, cool, collected blue eyes, your quiet way of listening and absorbing every important detail - I knew, even before I knew why, that you were going to be a powerful force in my life.  I might not have known then that we'd be here, this many years later, having made it through so many things (good and not so good), but I had an inkling that you'd have an impact far beyond the sexual, because you naturally had so much power over a way that almost frightened me, because I had little control over my desire for you.  You unnerved me and made my insides flutter.

Each year, each stage of our evolving marriage, is an adventure with you.  I cannot imagine life without you.

You are amazing, and I am so proud of your accomplishments.  Everything you have achieved in the last 5 years has amazed me.  Thoroughly.  Each day, I am that much more proud and impressed.  I am blessed to have you in my life.

P.S. You told me you had a writing assignment for me...but you never told me what it was.