I like to call you Daddy.  Something deep within me just feels released when I say it.  And I smile, light up from within, actually, when you call me princess.

It's weird that it could only take a few days to make such changes.

Of course...the seed was already planted when we met years ago.  We watered it a bit from time to time, gave it a little sun here and there - but when you gave me the assignment the other day to do research (as a result of the journaling I did on paper) on the Daddy/babygirl dynamic...I had no idea that I would find exactly what I was looking for.

It was like being the ugly duckling who suddenly realized she was a swan.

The D/s dynamic is a natural fit for us - and moving deeper into it has been a natural progression.  Naming it, however, does make it more "real" in some ways.  It gives us a way to communicate about it...and a way to define what we are building.

Who knew this is what would work for us? But there's a lot I like about it.  And of course...we're still creating it - molding it to fit us as we research and try things out and discuss it to find what we both like best - what brings out the best qualities in both of us.

This particular dynamic seems most fitting, though...because it gives you the opportunity to do what comes most naturally to take care of me, protect me, spoil me, guide me, treat me like a princess.  And it makes many of my childish qualities acceptable - even preferable...which validates me and even helps me accept myself more not judge my needs, and wants, and emotions, and not feel guilt for being irrational or silly, or emotional...or vulnerable.

It's weird how something as simple as a label can open up whole new ways of thinking, believing, and knowing.  Often labels can be damaging and narrow...but this is not one of those times.

No...this is better than Master/slave.  That wouldn't work for us.  It wouldn't be right.  It isn't how we like to treat each other.   Even Sir seems to have played out its welcome.

Daddy fits just right.

I am your princess.  And you have always been my Daddy.  It's just taken us while to figure that out.