Daddy asks:  How do you see yourself giving more to me?  I love you, Princess, but how do you plan to serve me besides washing my cock and showing me your pussy on command?  Knowing me and what I like, how will you please Daddy?  How will you make him want to dote over and pamper you?

Princess replies:  That's a good question, Daddy.  I've actually been asking myself a similar set of questions for a little over a week now.

We've found a dynamic that seems to suit us, because it isn't too far from the way we already live.  But, you're accurate in pointing out that we still have quite a ways to go before it becomes a truly D/s sort of thing.

I think I, out of habit probably, tend to resist control, even when I prefer that you have it most of the time.  I get pouty and talk back and forget my place (in more ways than one) when you tell me to do things or request certain behaviors from me...the classic eye-rolling and sighs tend to be my fall back response.

Because I am a lover of routine, I think certain behaviors, rituals, and expectations need to be set.  Yes, we have a few rules - but I need my expectations laid out on paper (or screen).

I found that phone app...the iRewards chart...it has the possibility of being helpful in this regard, but when I asked you to help me come up with responsibilities and rewards...it sort of got "forgotten".  It doesn't have to be that format, if you would prefer something else.

I can say that I want to make you happy, but I need you to give me some direction in that regard.  Do you want things like:  I always get your drinks for you at night, I fold your socks even though I hate it, I text you a dirty picture every day/night you are at work...?  Really, I just need a list, and a way to keep track of it.  I'm more than willing to do these things, because, honestly, the more "little things" I do each day to remind myself of "my place", the happier we will both be.  We need to find ways to incorporate our dynamic into our life on a more constant basis - so it is impossible to forget the roles we inhabit.

I think we should both make a list of possible "expectations" and then compare them to negotiate a starting point for me to work with.

I don't believe that either of us are looking for slave-like activities.  But, a focus on expectations (our lists), clear boundaries (we will need to identify those, too), rewards & punishments (those are pretty much up to you, Daddy), and behavior modification goals would be beneficial.  When you set me a goal or an expectation or rule, it is fairly easy for me to happily incorporate it into my daily behavior.

Just know that I really do want to please you, and that I look forward to creating a list...that will grow over time...of that ways that I might do so.  I love it when you call me a good girl.  But, there's a part of me that loves a spanking here and there, too.  Which is good, because I'm far from perfect.