Today I asked you to meditate on what it is that I want for your five minutes. Tonight I am going to take it a step further, you will find ways to reward your Daddy for the way that he takes care of you; for the way he loves you and the way he does treat you as his Princess.

 A while back I came to your workplace bringing you coffee and flowers, you said to me "What are your rewards, I seem to be getting all the attention". Daddy makes it a point to ensure that I do things for you, things both expected and unexpected. So my task for you is to find rewards for Daddy and tell me about some of them (not all, surprises are good things).

And, most of all, this is not Tit-For-Tat, it is about your love for me.

I love you Princess    

(Princess will be responding shortly...I'm mulling this one over carefully...)