20 things I love about you...today

So it's Thanksgiving, and I'm gearing up to head to the store to get the things I need to make the cranberry sauce. And I'm sitting here thinking about what I'm thankful for...really. And the things that come to mind right now, that really matter, are the same as always: you, our child, our family (including the pets), careers that we both excel in and enjoy and that provide us the ability to have a comfortable home, decent cars, and opportunities for recreation. We aren't rich in things...though we have more than many. But we are rich in people. How many other families can boast a happy nuclear core, two living sets parents/grandparents who've both been together over 40 years, two living grandmothers/great-grandmothers, and an assortment of aunts, uncles, and cousins, and friends whom we love like family?

I can and will say I'm thankful for you around the dinner table tonight. But what does that really entail? It means I love you, and that I feel fortunate to have found my soul mate (not everyone does). I know we argue, and we have our problems like anyone else, but we have a way of understanding each other and communicating better than most married couples. I feel blessed that we have what we have. And you're right in stating that it's worth fighting for.

I know I don't say it enough. But when I do...I love you means more than just "I love you". It means...

I love that you find my stretch marks sexy...even though I hate them.
I love that you take me in your arms and hug me when there's no other answer and nothing left to say.
I love that you put your arm around me and tell me that you love me every night in bed (for the first 5 minutes, anyway), even when we are fighting.
I love that you expect me to write.
I love that you encourage me and support me in a career that can sap every ounce of "give" that I've got, and that you know when to tell me stop.
I love that you don't put up with my bullshit, but that you accept me in spite of it.
I love that you listen when I just need to bitch and that you give good advice when I need it.
I love that you "talk" when most men don't (even though I often don't want to...especially when it's a serious subject - but you don't hide from it...you take problems face on and don't let me run).
I love that you care about the way you look, and the way that I look, and are better at choosing my clothes than I am.
I love that you notice when I change things about myself.
I love that you compliment me, especially when it's on something I don't notice about myself or think you will notice.
I love that you respect me and show me that you do by asking my opinion on important things.
I love that you want me and need me....and tell me.
I love that you support my hobbies and try to help me carve out time to do them.
I love that you help with the chores.
I love that you put your family first.
I love that you have a twisted sense of humor and that you can (almost) always make me smile.
I love that you read (smart men are hot).
I love that you have the ability and know-how to protect us.
I love that you can build things and have and understanding of "how things work".

Happy Thanksgiving...I love you more than anything. Really.